Within The Wires Podcast review


Introducing a new podcast from the team behind Welcome to Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead. Set within an alternate reality, Within the Wires tells stories in the guise of instructional audio programs. Each season guides the listener through a different audio experience from this other universe, ushering listeners through a curriculum which unravels to reveal a much deeper and more personal story. Season one, “Relaxation Cassettes”, premieres June 21, 2016. New episodes every other Tuesday through October 25. Created by Jeffrey Cranor. Written by Jeffrey Cranor and Janina Matthewson. Original music by Mary Epworth. Performed by Janina Matthewson. Part of the Night Vale Presents network.© 2016, Within the Wires’

(Pixabay description: http://podbay.fm/show/1121391184/reviews)

Breathe in…

Within the Wires places us, the listener, in the shoes of an unnamed medical patient inside the mysterious and bizarre setting of the ‘Institute’. The only thing we have to go by is our personal audio cassettes, provided by the ‘Institute’, to help us relax and cure us of our illness.

It is both weird and wonderful listening to these episodes as they transpired and brought me to think about podcast writing in a very interesting way. An interesting point came about when asked if, whilst listening to such podcasts as this, I actually do as the voice says. For example, lay down on the floor, perform star jumps etc.

The quick answer? Sometimes.

I will admit it took me a while to connect with the voice in this series as I felt like I should instantly be fighting against it.  Gradually, you will realize their is more than meets the ears. The description of the setting is slick and well told, with the inner environments of your psyche being explained to you in a way only the writers of Nightvale could describe.

We find the thin line between safety and peril, distress and relaxation in these episodes, and it couldn’t have been explored in a more… relaxing way…

Created by Jefferey Craynor, of Nightvale Presents, this podcast will take you on an intriguing journey through your treatment. Performed in the style of relaxation tapes, there is something uneasy, odd but ultimately calming about this podcast series.

And breathe out…

You can find a link to the podcast below, thanks for reading

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