A game I’d like to play #8

I have followed the Resident Evil series for some time, mainly because I’m interested in the story. If you haven’t played any, it’s an interesting series to get into survival/horror video-games. It has some classic traits that can be found in nearly all of its games (boss fights, weird puzzles…Umbrellas) but this new game seems to be a bit of a reinvention for the franchise!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is set in mid-2017 somewhere in the southern United States, where there have been reports of “ghosts” sighted around the bayou of the town, Dulvey. The game proper takes place after the events of Beginning Hour, which ended with the murder of a three-man TV crew by the possibly-infected Baker family members Jack and Marguerite.


Why do I want to play this?

It looks terrifying, gory, weird and puzzling. Everything a Resident Evil game should be, also… it’s in VR. Imagine playing a truly scary game of hide & seek with potential infected murderers who are also probably cannibals?

Yeah, scary!

Also, as mentioned, I have followed the story and am interested where this next installment takes the series (because frankly Resident Evil 6 and 5 weren’t the best). BUt the new addition to the ‘family’, as it were, for the fans of Resident Evil (being the mysterious and vile Baker family) should be an interesting addition, and I hope we learn how they may be linked directly to something much bigger with the franchise.


So far, it seems to be having good reviews, with some flaws in the gameplay being picked up and maybe the link to other games/characters being a bit tenuous, but overall it has refreshed our fear and created a new, horrifying experience all together. One that, with the aid of your VR headgear, you feel like you experience as though you are in the room!

You can read a review here : http://kotaku.com/five-hours-in-resident-evil-7-is-a-bloody-nightmare-1791569438

The title of the game, which for the first time contains in it both the “Resident Evil” and “Biohazard” brand names of the series across all regions, was said to be a clue to what is behind the game’s plot. The game is built on a new engine, named RE Engine, which includes VR development tools. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resident_Evil_7:_Biohazard)

I like the mystery behind this game and the little hint and clues Capcom have been giving to the players about how things might tie in. The demo looked beautifully dark and atmospheric, with an increasing level of disturbance and unease for the player.

The chances of me playing this soon are thin, but what was your favorite scary game while growing up? Please comment or message me and let me know.

Thanks for reading,


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