Chance Episode 3 is now on your stream!

New episode ladies and gents!

Thanks again to all the cast and crew, without you this dream wouldn’t be possible, sign up to one of the streams to not be out of the loop with our podcast. Links are through this post.


‘Step once again into your story, pick Jack or Jackie (whichever you choose) and place yourself inside the weary town of Chance.

Who are the men on the outskirts of town?

What do they know about the history of Chance or Multivax?

Why are there stars?

For high quality listening, please use headphones (remember, listening to audio on too high a volume can damage your ears).


Will Samuels- House
Kishi De l’Allebone-GUS
Gwenefer Roskilly- Jackie
Lloyd Spencer- Jack
Imogen Parnham- SUE
Connor Jay Ford- Scientist 2
James Kenny- Scientist 1

Silent Partner
Bessie Smith – After You’ve Gone & St Louis Blues



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Enjoy! Please follow the blog, like our FB page and leave comments, It’d be much appreciated.’ (Episode description)



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