From page to stage – A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Gwenefer Roskilly.


It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Cheltenham Playhouse’s company on their most recent production. The director originally asked if I would be happy to help out in some way and I replied that I would quite like to design the set.

After many interesting conversations with director Gwen, she and I decided we wanted to make this show a version of Ibsen’s classic that was completely different to anything people had seen before. I hope that we achieved this for our audience, as I am so very proud of the cast, crew and design. With Gwen’s debut as director, I am so happy to work with her on future projects as her style lets all of the individual members feel part of a collective, the directing style is more of a collaboration. Gwen was intent on using all of our skills and ideas to create a performance together, it was brilliant!

This play is an intriguing exploration of our place in the world, our society and our home. It explores themes involving love and loss, betrayal and rejection, but also hope and discovery. My set design was intended to show the physical ‘doll’s house’ that Nora has been living in come to life as it is lit with the homely environment that Torvald has so intricately designed to be his families abode.

Nora & Torvald in their home.

The concept for the disjointed wallpaper, set dressing and design concentrated around the idea of the doll’s house. Without the people, the lights and glamour (beneath the facade and lies, if you will) it is a blank space. A playroom who someone controls. But by adding in the life and ‘love’ of the inhabitants, this playroom becomes a home, only to be stripped back piece by piece as Torvald’s toys are taken away.

I hope to work with the cast and crew again on many different projects and performances, you have all been amazing and tied together a brilliant performance. I have attached some more photos of the set plan, the set before it ran its opening night and various cast photos. Please feel free to look through them and let us know what you think.

Original set plan.


Set – 2nd Act
Set – 3rd Act


There is a lovely review of the show in the following link too:

Once again, It has been a pleasure! Here’s to many more shows!

Thanks for reading,


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