Escape – Gloucester’s escape room experience! (A review)


My Fiancee went along, with a bunch of friends, to Gloucester’s ‘Trapped escape rooms’. I asked her to review her experience so I could share it with you lovely people!

I have looked at escape rooms, in the past, and there potential for a space in between games and theatre. This is also a potential hint for future projects 😉


Here is Imogen Parnham’s review:

‘This week I was lucky enough to be invited to Gloucester’s Trapped Escape Rooms. With the recent interest in ‘live action’ and ‘real-life’ experiences, such as Zombie runs, on the increase, the Trapped Escape Rooms are based on the Japanese online game ‘Takagism’. It is a real-life room escape game which requires players to work together to solve hidden puzzles to escape a locked themed room.

As a team of 6 we were tasked with escaping a haunted hotel. Consisting of three rooms, multiple locks, keypads and other puzzles, the game required lateral thinking, teamwork and communication. Resourcefulness was encouraged and rewarded, with the buzz of opening the next box, drawer or door egging us on to the next challenge. We did require a few gentle hints to help us on our way, however, the level of excitement and intrigue was maintained throughout. It was excellently planned with some well-placed clues to confuse and distract us, with others helping to lead us straight to the answer. I was amazed at how versatile the game was, it could be used in a variety of different situations, from team building to birthday parties.

Once we finished, I was surprised how quickly our time in the room had gone, with only 3 minutes 58 seconds to spare we successfully escaped! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend.’

Take a look at the companies website and explore their potential for a fun event for you and your friends!

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