Chance, Episode 4 – Forecasting

A huge thank you to all who have helped with this series so far! You are all wonderful! Enjoy the new episode!

‘It’s that time again listeners! Pop your headphones on and pick up your story where we left off!

The weather seems to be taking a rough turn, so shelter must be found quickly, you should probably think about supplies soon too.
You are meeting with the scientists to help fix the forecasting machine in exchange for some information. What secrets can they reveal about the town and what it once was?

Who was House? Why did the town fall?

Stay tuned to find out!

For high quality listening, please use headphones (remember, listening to audio on too high a volume can damage your ears).

Will Samuels- House
Kishi De l’Allebone-GUS (s), Hal, Man in bar
Gwenefer Roskilly- Jackie
Lloyd Spencer- Jack
Imogen Parnham- SUE
Connor Jay Ford- Scientist 2
James Kenny- Scientist 1

Ink Spots- If I didn’t care
Mamie Smith- Crazy Blues




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