Day 1!

Productive first day social distancing – started with smoothies and a productive day in the new home office! followed by a trip to Lawrence’s to support local business (thanks for the cakes they were delicious! (Good luck lovelies) and listened too Martin Freeman read The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe on BorrowBox (a great app to listen to audio books or borrow an ebook from your local library!)

@multivaxinc and Mr Bramble are putting our thinking caps on and are gonna work on a project to pitch to FEAST Cornwall to make this quarantine season a bit more fun and interactive for communities who might struggle with self isolation/finding things to do at home so keep your eyes peeled and wish us luck to get our funding stay safe lovelies

#storytime #beawesome #create #selfisolation #athomehero #smoothiesagainstcovid

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