A slight delay to the broadcasting schedule…

Due to some delay in scheduled recording, I thought I would release something special for you lovely lot! The featured image is the poster/header image for our new podcast series! I hope you like it, but the fun doesn’t stop there…

Below I am releasing a brief synopsis for what this series is going to be about:

‘2 people meet in a desert, wasteland town. You are one of them. Searching for supplies, information and an escape route, they learn about who previously lived there, as it has clearly been abandoned. With the help of their GUS (Guided Utility System) unit, they search the town’s various buildings and structures for answers, but are they alone?’

(series one, episode synopsis, James Kenny, Multivax)

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more updates, around the 13-16th time for something special!

Thanks for reading,


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