Sudeley Castle- Spectacle of light

‘After dark, for the very first time in December, the Castle and grounds will come to life through a wonderful spectacle of light and sound. Explore this secret world as you follow a trail of light around the magical gardens and into the romantic ruins.’


James Kenny- Multivax photography

Yesterday, myself and the Parnham clan set off to witness an intriguing display at Sudeley Castle, Cotswolds. I am attaching a couple of photos for you too see a glimpse of what we witnessed.

James Kenny- Multivax photography

We explored the wonderful grounds and saw the various installed light and sound displays that were put on by an external company. There was a star lit tree (disco ball with lights) various sections of the castle and grounds lit by magnificent arrangements and music to accompany certain sections of the walk.

The walk itself lasted about 45 minutes to an hour and allowed exploration of most of the site. It was clearly planned out to lead us through the various attractions and provide new things to explore at every corner. Certain sections were like a still image that stood firm, as though the site itself had frozen on the cold evening breeze.

James Kenny- Multivax photography


A chimed, hanging light display dazzled us as we walked below it (with wind-chime sound to accompany). The gardens’ various installations were laid out in a clever format so as to loop around and start where they ended. The audiences were able to see most lights from different perspectives and create their own angle of view (which sometimes gave a different, unexpected effect).

James Kenny- Multivax photography

I found it extremely interesting being left to explore the lights and sounds of the castle grounds, all in a new light (quite literally). It was a space that allowed imagination and peaceful reflection to happen, whilst interacting with the various installations with just the eyes and ears.

This was a truly exciting event, it inspired a lot of work and has got me thinking about live experiences using light, sound and exploration in my work to create something that is like a walk through exhibit. I hope you enjoy these as I enjoyed this event.

James Kenny- Multivax photography



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