A game I want to play #2. Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist by Crows Crows Crows.

‘It’s the hottest summer on record, and all across Europe, valuable objects are disappearing.

Museum curators unlock cabinets and find precious artefacts stolen. Wealthy mansion owners wake up to see their priceless paintings have vanished from the walls.

One thing’s clear: a master thief is touring the continent and the police are left scratching their heads.

In this 15 minute game by Crows Crows Crows, a team led by William Pugh (The Stanley Parable), slip into the soft-soled shoes of the mastermind responsible…

… silently cross the darkened lawn of the mansion…

… hold tight to the tranquiliser gun in your pocket, and commit the most audacious heis–

oh god I can’t do this any more, i’m joining the strike. i didn’t want to – i honestly didn’t want to, but it’s gone too far

i’m supposed to be writing the steam store description and that’s it, that’s my job, but because of the understaffing i’ve been told i need to work in the lighting department too and it’s only a matter of time before i’m re-assigned to wildlife preparation

and everybody knows that working for wildlife preparation is mostly about trying very hard not to be eaten by the tiger

so that’s it, i’m joining the picket. if they want somebody else to finish the description, that’s their problem

i’m out.

– tina’ (http://store.steampowered.com/app/409160/)

Thanks Tina (whoever you are). This game is free to play on Steam, recommended to me by Dominic Philpot. It was created by the same people as ‘The Stanley Parable’, which is a game I absolutely adore for its clever design, witty commentary on games and today’s gamer, as well as the ideas represented about madness, thought and process.
I have watched some things online about this short game and it sounds great!
Why do I want to play this game?
One thing I particularly enjoyed about ‘The Stanley Parable’ was the narrator. His language and tone were excellently produced and raised some interesting questions in my head and with Simon Amstell narrating this one I can’t wait to see what they have done. It seems like a relatively short game that will get straight to the point (if any) of the link between you as a player, and what you are mean to do in a game. ‘you like pressing buttons right?’ is one line that comes to mind.
From what I have read it is something of the unexpected, literally and metaphorically, so lets play!
If you have any recommendations for games I should play, please get in touch!

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