So what next?

Over the next few days you will see some info pop up on here explaining about what I have planned for Multivax. I’ll be doing some game reviews and topic based analysis of specific games.

But in the meantime, I’ll fill you in with a hint of what i’m exploring.

the featured image for this post ,found at:, shows how the form of storytelling i am exploring works. Fitting the various components back together, like a puzzle, gives the audience member the whole picture, with the fun of experiencing the separate parts  and actively taking a role in the process.

I want followers of this project to start thinking of themselves as something different. This is a bit of a collaboration, if you will, between myself, the various artists i get in, and you.

Over time this will become clearer, but for now, think about how we can explore games and theatre together in a way that means we have to work for our art.

Thanks for reading,




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