The Man Engine Remembers!

Hello Readers/Listeners! (Dydh da)

It’s been some time right?!

Well, we will be updating you on our podcast’s progress soon, but in the meantime, here is a special little mention to a great Theatre company close to our hearts.

I’m sure you have heard (if not, there’s no hiding from the big fella) of the Man Engine, Golden Tree Productions touring show, which is getting its Resurection tour underway soon!

A couple of facts about the Man Engine’s previous tour

Man Engine 2016

The largest mechanical puppet ever constructed in Britain.

Height when crawling: 4.5m

Transforms to stand over 10m high

Weighs 40 tonnes

Travelling 130 miles over two weeks

20+ events along route

50,000+ participants



I have had the pleasure of working with front man of the project, Will Coleman, who has previously explored the playing places (Plen an Gwari) of Cornwall and various other ventures such as the search for the dreaded Gogmagog, which involved some good friends from University.

We wanted to let you all know that there is a new, illustrated children’s book based on the lovable ‘iron giant’ that is the Man Engine. On our recent trip down to Cornwall, we caught up with Will Coleman as he ventured out to promote (and sign) copies of this beautiful new book!

If you haven’t already, do get your copy from Golden Tree Productions today!

The Man Engine Remembers



Keep up to date where the Man Engine is letting of some steam next by following the tour here:

See you soon (Dha weles skon)


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