New episode alert!

‘With word of a new person in Town, entering from the desert, House comes out of the shadows. A memory of the departure comes to the surface, but where is Jack?

Tune in to your story and find out!

For high quality listening, please use headphones (remember, listening to audio on too high a volume can damage your ears).

Will Samuels- House

Kishi De l’Allebone-GUS (s), Hal, Man in bar

Gwenefer Roskilly- Jackie

Lloyd Spencer- Jack

Imogen Parnham- SUE

Connor Jay Ford- Scientist 2

James Kenny- Scientist 1

Maria Marriott – Maria

Christopher Stratton – John


Silent Partner – Moth
Etta James – Stormy Weather
Otis Redding – These Arms Of Mine
Nat King Cole – Unforgettable
Silent Partner – Drizzle To Downpour




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