#Trypod- West Wing Weekly

My fiance enjoys West Wing a lot and found a podcast about the series, she wanted to share it with all you lucky people!

With the turbulent times of the current political climate in the US, the West Wing is proving the best way to avoid current political issues. The camaraderie of the White House team is so powerful that new generations of tv watchers are discovering this late nineties hit on Netflix.

The West Wing Weekly podcast features Joshua Malina (Will Bailey in the show) and Hrishikesh Hirway, with the occasional guest – these can range from the costume designer to some of the main cast.

The podcast is an episode-by-episode weekly discussion of the show and it really captures the spirit, effort and detail that was put into making of it.

#Trypod –  give it a listen, its a great companion to the tv show, giving you behind the scenes information about the characters and their creation.

Feel free to share it with a friend and raise awareness that podcasts exist and they are awesome!

Ok, what’s next?

Thanks for reading,

James and Imo 

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