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The moment we have all been waiting for, the first episode of our new podcast is out for your listening pleasure!

‘Chance – Episode 1 – A Fresh Start

Alone, scared and looking for answers, Jack has crashed in a mysterious desert town. He is unable to remember events before the crash and is desperately trying to find out why he is there, how did he got there, if he is really alone?
Answers can be found in this episode, stay tuned.

(Minor Swearing- Explicit content)

For high quality listening, please use headphones (remember, listening to audio on too high a volume can damage your ears).’ Episode synopsis.


Will Samuels- House

Kishi De l’Allebone-GUS

Gwenefer Roskilly- Jackie

Lloyd Spencer- Jack

Imogen Parnham- SUE

Written and directed by:

James Kenny


Silent Partner

Ink Spots – Maybe

Thank you and enjoy!


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