Prudence and the Crow: A beautiful early Christmas present.

I received a lovely gift in the post from my fiancee (an early Christmas present) from a company called Prudence and the Crow.

They provide a selection of small gifts in a package. You can choose a plan, depending on how long you would like to receive packages (I have 2 more on the way, once a month), as well as the genre you would like (mine was sci-fi).

Inside the package was a random book (From the chosen genre) in a beautiful sleeve, 2 Christmas tea bags, a pencil, a candy cane, some vintage postcards (with various suggested reading lists on the back), 2 vintage stamps and a doiley.

This was all presented in the lovely envelope (seen in the features image) with my name.

I am so excited to receive 2 more of these in months to come, it’s also given me some ideas for merchandise for Multivax.

If you want to have a little look at the Prudence and the Crow website, I have attached it below.
Thanks Imo, this gift was awesome!


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