Multivax is online

As of today (after a long time, with many tears and much joy) I can officially say that A) I am now self employed, and B) Multivax is now active as a company!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this company that I (with the help of others) have nurtured and gained so many skills from, is active and owned by yours truly!

Self employment letter!

So this is a BIG thank you too all that have helped with the project in the past, a hopeful look forward to those preparing to help out in the near future and, in advance, to anyone who will be an audience to the various exciting things I have planned! (Which could be any of you, yes… even you!)

You are all amazing, wonderful beings and I hope that we meet again somewhere in the wasteland (spoilers).

Here is a little hint to whats coming for Multivax in the not so distant future…

James Kenny- Multivax plan (you may not be able to read it now, but you will learn about the different sections soon enough)

Thanks again guys!

Director of Multivax

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