Who am I

This project has been intently looking at body in space, and theatre through play. My end goal was and continues to be a mini-series based around the @HOM3 project and my work with Multivax, the performance/design company I have formed of many different artists using different media. This mini-series is partly created and developed by my own ideas and through collaboration with the performers. Each piece we create is developed with game theory as ‘research material’ within the larger narrative.I am James Kenny, Founder of Multivax. Welcome.

This project has taken a lot of inspiration from various games, books and performances. This has allowed me to deconstruct narrative and game theory to study the different components of what makes a truly immersive experience for players. Alongside this, to incorporate game theory into my research and narrative I looked specifically at the work of Roger Callois and Huizinga (game theorists). The aim being that I would actively teach audiences who ‘experienced’ my pieces about this interesting way of looking at the political, social and historical aspects of the games we play, and how they fit into our everyday lives.

My name is James Kenny, welcome to Multivax!

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