Who we are


Multivax has explored the use of play and creative storytelling as a means of better communication and an encouraging others to interact with theatre and media with imagination in mind. Through our podcast, our creating of speaker boxes (GUS) and storytelling, we have acted as a space for stories to be told and heard.

We want to explore how we as performers can create new and exciting ways for the divide between game reality and our own to be broken down, then made into something ‘different’

This blog will be updated with information about our various projects and with exciting research/inspiration for what we do.

My name is James

I am a Truro based Storyteller, Theatre-maker and Podcaster @ Multivax. I work full time at the Royal Cornwall Museum and adore making creative work that people interact with! In the past we have undertaken live action role playing games/escape room creation, podcasts about mysterious towns and are currently working on a network initiative of creative content during the 2020 Covid crisis.

Our current project is ‘The Multivax At Home Hero Network Initiative’,  a project set up by Multivax and supported by FEAST Cornwall to help people find community through creativity and storytelling while in isolation during the Covid 19 epidemic.

FEAST is a programme to make great art happen across Cornwall.

I would be thrilled if you wanted any further information, so please drop me a message and have fun learning all about Multivax and what we have to offer!