If Not A Tavern

Welcome Traveller!

If Not A Tavern has been born out of my love for Dungeons & Dragons (both playing and DM’ing) and is a welcome space for those who have the same passion, or for anyone who has never played an RPG (Role Playing Game) before.

I play often with my friends and have become known as the ‘holiday one-shot guy’ – (One shots are condensed games, set to be completed in a short space of time).

I figured, why not share some of these with you?! We will be releasing original one-shots for all levels, veteran Rogue or rookie Barbarian, all are welcome. Let us take the stress out of game night so you can try something a bit different.

Now that we are a little more acquainted, I hope you’ll enjoy what we have brewing – I look forward to speaking with you all and updating this page with things that might help make game night a little easier (podcasts, tutorials, real play and more!)

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