GUS At Home Kits

Make your own GUS speaker box at home with one of our kits!

Filled with everything you need to craft one of our lovely units at home! ‘Packs include: Box, craft objects to design and create your GUS, story, get to know your GUS guide, bluetooth speaker (optional) and more!’ To order – just drop us a message! They make great craft activities for an afternoon or, cool speakers in a room or a thoughtful, homemade gift for someone (they certainly are unique!

And the fun only starts there! To be in with a chance of winning a pre-made GUS (Speaker included) Simply submit a short story to us about an adventure your GUS has been on!

Some things to know about GUS’ to help you:

– They typically look like suitcases-GUS stands for Guided Utility System – meaning they basically have anything, anyone could need at any given time (very handy!)

-They are built so people don’t feel lonely-

They love to hear and tell stories-

The personality of the box mimics the owner

Competition closes Midnight, Sunday 3rd July! We can’t wait to hear your stories! If you simply can’t wait and want to purchase a kit -, or want to know more about them – drop us an email to